from by The Spectators



In midtown zephyrs
In a hotel room
Lit by a lamp
Maybe two
You say you love
To watch people age
Not a photographic lover
You're a cup of sage

On a bridge in summer
The town's namesake
Symmetric lovers
Looking to bathe
I run the water
And you disrobe
The voice of a raven
And eyes like home

You're playing games on
Your telephone
You say I look like
I'm searching almost
And you continue saying
There's many means to an end
Though I think I've found mine
You still love that

Poetically searching the words started churning, I opened my eyes like I knew I'd be happy. Your hand in my hand and your hair on you face brushed behind your ear my hearts beginning to race.

On a springtime drive by
I call your phone
To say i love you
Though I don't know
When we can water
These seeds we've sown
And reap the harvest
Of all that's grown

The sun will always follow
And the waves replace the sand
When the forest became barren
Fire cleansed and birthed again

My heart is always hollow
But you're slowly moving in
You put your books on the mantle
We could never leave this den (this is where we begin)

NYC or Pittsburgh
Scrubs or IASIP
If you are with me
It's the place to be

And we always come back
To where we were
To try and play it
How it was first heard


from It Is And That's All, released March 24, 2017
Written By: The Spectators
Produced, Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by: Patrick Farmer
Additional Engineering by: Steve Perrino


all rights reserved



The Spectators Cleveland, Ohio

The Music is Free.
The Costs are Not.
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Photos by: Sean O'Day

The Spectators are:
Joshua Jones
Michael Taddeo
Patrick Farmer
& JJ Frederico

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